The wintergreens and their relatives (Gaultherieae) are related to blueberries, bog rosemary, and the commonly planted Pieris. Many of the wintergreens have a distinctive smell that can be detected when the leaves are crushed (methyl salicylate).
Wintergreen species are found mostly in the genus Gaultheria. Analysis of the relationships of species of Gaultheria revealed that some species are more closely related to members of the tropical genus, Diplycosia. Diplycosia species are found mostly on the island of Bornea and usually have small flowers. Like some Gaultherias, Diplycosia species are usually epiphytic.
Wintergreen relatives include the tribe Lyonieae (Lyonia, Pieris, and Agarista)
Phylogenetic tree of Wintergreens!
Detailed description of Wintergreens
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